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Our mission is to gather the values, visions and goals of our clients in order to create very special communication concepts: Information, facts and feelings come together in a strong visual representation, which goes straight into the hearts and minds of the audience. Today, exceptional and authentic communication is just as important for a successful business as are the offered services and products themselves.

meet the team

Founder and managing partner

Sascha Nicolodi

Sascha started his creative career working for German television production companies as a unit manager and studied directing for cinema and television at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg. While at the academy, he worked as a digital artist for consulting enterprises like Bain & Company, Arthur D. Little, Altran Technologies and The Boston Consulting Group, gaining deep insights into the visualization of strategic and business consulting processes. Those insights, coupled with his knack for storytelling, led to the start of his business, producing media for business use. As a result, allroundMEDIA's main field of action is business media intelligence and designing information.

"A smart combination of analog and digital is key to create compelling media experiences with maximum impact."

The media industry was the first one being disrupted. In 1996, when I studied at the Filmakademie, I started to work with analog materials, like filming and editing on celluloid. But then digital came along and we were excited about the almost infinite possibilities of digital media production. On the other hand, we often fell back on analog tools & techniques, which seemed more efficient and better suited to some tasks. Back then I understood that a smart combination of these two worlds, seamlessly cherry picking and constantly evaluating which tool could offer the best match, is key to create compelling media experiences with maximum impact on the audience.

We at allroundMEDIA use traditional dramatic elements which are a mainstay of cinema production to support our clients in conveying their complex content with impressive and catchy stories. In this respect we still want to sit around the virtual campfire, enjoying communication in pleasant company.

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Partner and head of video

Mavie Bellay

Moving images are as fascinating as they were back then, when the Lumiere Brothers filmed a train driving into the station. But cinemas today don’t capture the attention of people as much as they did in the last century. Nowadays the challenge is to impress the viewers in their daily life, while they are traveling in trains or busses or during a shopping spree in the shop. All situations where people are easily distracted and it is hard to remain the center of their attention. A viewer today decides in the first 20 seconds if he or she wants to stay focused or loses attention. Video creators have to work with more than just aesthetics, rhythm and design. In this rough, technology-driven, dynamic environment of today, only truly memorable stories will become unforgettable.

Storytelling in times of viewer centricity is more important than ever and changes the way stories need to be told. Because we love designing information, we do not leave any stone unturned. We deeply immerse ourselves in our clients’ topics until we have become short term experts in your line of business. Then our creative team begins the process of customizing stories according to our clients’ needs – it is a full scale intellectual and cinematic transformation.

"We have this special way of working because our creative teams cross the lines of business and film. Intermedia creation is the core of our information design. Every project, every story has its own unique birth process which keeps the stories fresh and memorable."

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Partner and head of graphics

Tina Troll

When Sascha and Mavie are the creative foundations, around which allroundMEDIA is built, Tina as head of graphics keeps it all on track with a keen eye for detail. Before joining allroundMEDIA she worked as a retail optimization consultant, for advertisement agencies and in management positions in the fashion industry. Since 2010 she divides her time between Germany and South Africa and has established the team in Cape Town which handles most PowerPoint and web development assignments. Project management and all things structural and organizational are her special forte and she passionately drives growth and expansion at allroundMEDIA.

"This feeling of comradery and the perfect complement of skills is the main reason why we are able to provide outstanding results."

Working at allroundMEDIA is all about the team. I have seen and experienced many corporate cultures, but rarely did the personalities and the sense of a common goal come together as perfectly as at the Munich and the Cape Town office. For me, this feeling of comradery and the perfect complement of skills is the main reason why we are able to provide outstanding results for our clients. Keeping this atmosphere alive, through stressful times and growth phases, is a constant motivation for me.

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Senior Creative Producer

Dilek Demircan

Digital Artist

Attila Bacskai

Creative Producer

Nina Anais-Nun

Digital Artist

Max Mattis

Creative Producer

Birgit Hild

Creative Producer

Julia Brückmann

Creative Producer

Sonja Grether

Digital Artist

Ryan Africa